Monday, July 9, 2018

black eyed susans

while some of the wildflowers wilted
in last week's heat
the black eyed susans 
stood tall

we live in a small circle of houses
with an open area and a pond
I often take wildflower photos 
in the grass and in the
wild area around the water

the mowing crew the association uses
came to do the grass a couple of days ago
I was delighted to see that the 
clump of flowers below had been mowed
around instead of over!


  1. __ Sandy, so good to see your new post, nifty as always and I hope all is well with you! Too, I thank you for your visit and comment. __ The birds hum; this different song; new flowers._m

    1. Everything is fine. I just took a short break to catch up on my "to do" list. Speaking of new flowers, I found swamp candles near the pond this year. We have been here four years and this is the first time I have seen them.

  2. Sometimes, I too mow around flowers. Lovely photos of your flowers that endured the strong heat!

    1. I used to do it, too. What tickled me this time was guy who did it was a tough looking kid with tattoos! You just never know who appreciates nature.

  3. One of my favorite flowers, there are a lot of these growing wild in BC.

    Hope you are having a lovely summer Sandy and that it hasn't been too hot where you live. We are waiting for rain here, over 3 months without much at all. TOO dry but the sun is appreciated always. :-)

    1. Good to hear from you Geraldine. It is dry here, too. We have only had a few really hot days, though.

    2. Here's to the rain arriving soon. From the weather forecast for Eastern Canada, I would have assumed you also had a lot of rain in recent weeks. It was pouring day after day down East, but now the heat has taken over.

      I left a question for you in my comment reply at My Real Life Reviews, when you have time to stop by. No rush.😊

      🌼🌼Hope you have a lovely weekend.🌼🌼

    3. Just visited your place!

  4. i love these flowers - they grow wild up and down our mountain highway. Nice that the crew mowed around them instead of through them.

  5. I always think of black eyed Susans as hot weather flowers. I grew up in Oklahoma, and they were everywhere.