Sunday, August 6, 2017

summer memory

this is a photo taken 
of my old garden 
when I lived in the country
my brother in law
made my garden tower
many years ago
i painted it antique blue
but loved it even more
when it was weathered,
and covered in lichen
the field behind the garden
was full of wildflowers
some natural, and some
added by me over the years
when I lived there, 
i had a winding path leading 
from the garden into
the woods
the dark at the top of 
the photo is the edge of the woods
i don't miss my old house
i do miss the garden and the field!


  1. How lovely Sandy... I would miss it, too~

    1. I am thankful for having it for over 40 years! We still have lost of flowers in town, but don't see the wildlife, butterflies, dragonflies, and birds that we did there.

  2. Beautiful image of your old garden my friend!

    Back in my village house my mom and I had garden. Mom grew vegetables and I flowers more .it was flourishing!!!
    Today I have a small garden which fully blooms in spring yet I miss the old one

    1. I totally understand, Baili. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Replies
    1. It was, but you probably know from reading my blog, and seeing my posts that I love the wildflowers and nature more.

  4. This photo makes me want to take a walk down the path you described. I bet you do miss that. Lovely tower.

    1. It was neat, Christine! I am sure the field has gone back, but often wonder if you can see all the flowers growing along it from above. Too bad I don't have a drone! The tower had a tall touch to the garden, and yes, I do miss it. By the end, the bottom was starting to rot, so I had to let it go. Lots of my posed fruit and flowers photos were taken there when it wasn't covered by morning glories.

  5. My father planted morning glories along the posts of my grandfather's grape arbor. From our 2nd floor window the view was of pink, white and blue morning glories poking through the grape leaves.

    a bird's eye view
    of morning glories
    my flights of fancy


    1. That must have been so lovely! The haiku is wonderful.

  6. It sounds like it was a lovely garden and woods. Wonderful that your brother in law made you a planter.

    1. Even better yet, the tower got better with age like women do! The path through the field eventually linked up with the one at the top of the right sidebar.

  7. Sounds so peaceful and beautiful, thanks for sharing these nice memories and summer perfect photo. Nice to see a post here again.

    Have a lovely week Sandy.:-)

  8. Thanks! You have been busy this summer as well. I will be around more in the fall. Right now, I am outdoors as much as I can be.