Thursday, August 31, 2017

out and about soon

hi friends,
i haven't been on much this month
and i haven't taken many photos lately
that is going to change soon

i had a knee replacement 10 days ago
 i am doing very well
can't wait to get out outdoors with my camera

this shot of fleabane 
was taken last fall 
i love the wild ones!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

summer memory

this is a photo taken 
of my old garden 
when I lived in the country
my brother in law
made my garden tower
many years ago
i painted it antique blue
but loved it even more
when it was weathered,
and covered in lichen
the field behind the garden
was full of wildflowers
some natural, and some
added by me over the years
when I lived there, 
i had a winding path leading 
from the garden into
the woods
the dark at the top of 
the photo is the edge of the woods
i don't miss my old house
i do miss the garden and the field!