Tuesday, April 18, 2017

wind in the clouds

the clouds are better some days than others
this past Monday was a very good day
my first view of the day
was a buildup near the ground
the ocean is off in this direction
quite often, clouds stack up near along the shore

this was taken higher in the sky
the various layers of clouds were moving at different speeds
the closer white ones were flying

two watering cans?
I have an imagination!

I spotted a couple of hawks
playing in the currents 
while I was out shooting
just missed getting one of 
them in this shot


  1. You did get the birds in your first image.
    Cloud watching is wonderful.
    You have beautiful images of them.

  2. I forgot all about the gulls! They were around all day. Some days make it hard to work indoors.

  3. Sandy, these are so beautiful!!!
    You have captured fantastic beauty in the heavens~


    1. I have hundreds of sky photos! When I am not shooting into the bushes, my camera is pointed up!

  4. I was enjoying the sky and the clouds this week! Pretty soon, though, our rainy season will be over -- so I guess I'll have to wait until next all to take cloud pictures. I love that you keep your camera pointed skyward!

    1. I have always been fascinated by the sky! Good luck with your photos. We are in a rainy spell here, too. That is okay, rain drop are another fun thing to photograph.

  5. The first photo is my favorite, what an amazing shot. The density of these clouds is something you don't often see, at least in my experience. Well done Sandy.😊

    Hope you have a super weekend. Are you working on your garden already?

    1. I have some plants started indoors, but it will be another month before I can do much outdoors. The first shot was taken in the early morning. You wouldn't believe how much the clouds changed in a few hours.

  6. I love beautiful clouds - lovely photos. We get some gorgeous skies up here during monsoon weather which is something I look forward too except for the humidity. i enjoyed your other haikus also. i remember checking in and the last post up for awhile had been the snow photo below.