I have long considered the creative impulse to be a visit-a thing of grace perhaps. Not commanded, owned, so much as awaited, prepared for. A thing, also, of mystery.
Loreena McKennitt


Monday, July 18, 2016

two sky watchers

a couple of nights ago
I was out on the deck 
trying out one of the 
scene settings on my 
Nikon D7200 called

as I was working with my camera, 
I noticed a robin standing at the peak of the roof
she seemed to be enjoying the night sky as much as I was
my husband and I had seen 
her there before at sunset
that night,
she was giving out a very high pitched call
every few minutes 
it does make me wonder if
birds and animals relate to
beauty the same way we do
what do you think?


  1. Surely beauty translates to all species. The robin was singing matins.

    1. That is the feeling I got from watching her. We had a beautiful sunset evening. I wanted to go out and see if she was in her place. We had a room full of company, so didn't.

  2. How lovely to share that moment with the robin

    1. It gave me the same feeling as beautiful music in a church service, Juliet.

  3. __There is more to the "wild minds eye" than we know. By thinking through our eyes, we can see that in every natural moment. You have said that so well, and too by your Grand photos_! _m

    watching my shadow
    this owl values my footsteps
    each further away

    1. Thank you! This was one of the lucky times for me that the photos expressed the feelings exactly.

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  5. I have no idea how a bird perceives what we consider beauty, but I am surely glad that the beauty of birds themselves is part of our natural world. That birds seem to enjoy themselves in my garden makes me so happy, and your photos wonderfully convey the way they seem to be good examples for us, in noticing everything around them and lifting their voices in praise.

    1. Yes, that is what think. She was back last night on the roof peak. This time, though, we were watching thunderheads off in the distance move toward us. I did not get the same peaceful feeling.

  6. Hi Sandy,

    Beautiful post and photos and I really think you are right. Today I noticed a happy tui singing up in the tree and there was a slight drizzle and made me feel happy watching it.
    Enjoy the weekend

    1. Carolyn, I just looked up the tui. I even got to hear it. The song would make me happy, too! You have a nice weekend as well.

  7. I have been enjoying watching robins also. Any bird really.
    Fun that you are working with the settings of your camera to see what happens.
    They are lovely photos full of feeling.

    1. This new Nikon is slightly different from my old D200. I didn't have scene settings on it. For the most part, I still like shooting the manually.

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